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SAILOR 900: Ku-Band VSAT Antenna



The SAILOR 900 Ku-Band VSAT, which has been designed by Cobham SATCOM's most experienced engineers, is the result of extensive market and technology research.


  • High performance RF design
  • Antenna radome matches in size the SAILOR 90 Satellite TV
  • Single coax cable between antenna and antenna controller
  • Integrates to leading VSAT modem unit
  • 4 axis stabilised low-profile design
  • Antenna Control Unit (ACU) with multiple LAN and diagnostics ports
  • Built-in Test Equipment (BITE)

The SAILOR 900 Ku-Band VSAT complements Cobham SATCOM's highly successful SAILOR FleetBroadband series and SAILOR Satellite TV systems.

In the box

  • Antenna control unit
  • 103cm reflector
  • 8W BUC
  • 2 x multi-band LNBs
  • OMT/Diplexer
  • Mounting accessories
  • Antenna Control Unit
  • User & installation manual
  • DC plug & multi-plug
  • 2 x 1m 75 Ohm coax cable TX/RX ACU-VMU
  • Ethernet cable
  • Basic cable support


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Product: SAILOR 900: Ku-Band VSAT Antenna


Antenna Dimensions: 150cm x Ø130cm
Antenna Weight: 126.5kg
Below Deck Unit Dimensions: 4.4cm x 48cm x 33cm
Below Deck Unit Weight: 4.5kg
Operating Temperature: -25°C to +55°C
Operating Humidity: ADU: 100% condensing | BDU: 95% non-condensing
IP Rating: IP20
Reflector Size: 103cm
BDU to ADU Antenna Cable: Single 50 Ω coax for Rx, Tx, ACU-ADU modem and Power
ADU Antenna Connector: Female N-Connector (50 Ω)
BDU Antenna Connector: Female N-Connector (50 Ω)
Input Voltage: 20 to 32V DC, 370 W
VSAT - Antenna
Antenna Type, Pedestal: 3-axis (plus auto skew) stabilised tracking antenna with integrated GPS
Antenna Type, Reflector System: Reflector/sub-reflector, ring focus
Transmit Gain: 43.4 dBi typ. @ 29.5 GHz (excl. radome)
Receive Gain: 40.6 dBi typ. @ 11.70 GHz (excl. radome)
System G/T: Comm @ 30° EL, Midband (dB/°K): 19
LNB: Ka- band LNB (L.0.18.25 GHz)
BUC Output Power: No BUC / 8 / 20 Watt
Elevation Range: -25° to +125°
Azimuth Range: Unlimited (rotary joint)
Rain / IP Class: IEC 945 exposed / IPx6
Data: yes
SMS: no
Email: yes
Broadband: yes
GPS: no
Optional GSM: no
Tracking: yes
ISDN Capability: no
SOS: no
Call features
Voice: yes
Product Interfaces
1 x DC Power input
1 x Ethernet (ThraneLink, service, set-up etc.)
1 x Ethernet data (VSAT modem control)
1 x Grounding bolt
1 x N-Connector for antenna RF cable
1 x NMEA 0183 (RS-422)
1 x RS-232 data (VSAT modem control)
1 x RS-422 data (VSAT modem control)
2 x Ethernet (User)
2 x F-Connectors (75 Ω) for Rx / Tx to VSAT Modem

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