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Iridium GO! Fixed Installation Kit



At Sea

For remote situations when you cannot be outside, but need to stay connected, the Iridium GO! Fixed Installation Kit is the solution!

  • A variety of mariners can stay connected from within the protected areas of their vessels by using the external antenna.
  • Crew can access the latest weather reports to stay up to date on changing conditions.
  • Users can connect through social media to stay in touch with family and friends without leaving the comfort of their cabin.

At Land

  • Remote home owners and vacationers have the flexibility to connect wherever their travels may take them. 
  • Iridium GO! can easily be carried in a backpack for say trips or mounted on a wall for use in buildings and secluded cabins.
  • Lone aid workers can make phone calls and send text messages to help coordinate humanitarian efforts, even if the local infrastructure has been compromised.

In the box

  • User & Installation Manual
  • Cable ties
  • Iridium Passive Omnidirectional Antenna
  • Stainless Steel Mast/Rail Mounting Bracket Kit
  • RAM Mount with Threaded Adapter
  • Wall-Mount Bracket
  • 12m/39ft Passive Antenna Cable
  • Iridium GO! Cable Adapter


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Product: Iridium GO! Fixed Installation Kit