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Intellian v100GX: Global Xpress Terminal



The v100GX offers a robust, affordable, plug and play conversion kit to enable a smooth upgrade path from Ku to GX service in as little as 10 minutes without requiring a factory trained technician.

The v100GX’s high-gain, highly efficient reflector and tuned radome ensure the best service quality available when configured for Ku or Ka-band  GX operation. In addition, the v100GX supports low elevation angle (-20°) capability to guarantee reliable connection at extremely high latitude.

The v100GX’s seamless end-to-end solution is to offer hassle-free installation, operation, and maintenance. The v100GX interfaces with Aptus, Intellian’s graphic-based antenna remote control software. The Aptus Software Development Kit (SDK), allows a NOC or service center to integrate antenna monitoring and control into an existing network management system in an easier, more user-friendly, and convenient manner.

The v100GX is available in 2 models that support 8W and 16W BUC sizes. All models are built with Co-pol and Cross-pol feed and come equipped with Intellian’s Global PLL LNB as standard.

In the box

  • 19" 1U rack mountable BDU with alphanumeric display
  • Aptus software, user & installation
  • 103cm Ku-band reflector
  • 151.4cm radome
  • NJRC 8W/16W extended BUC, LNB, OMT and RF assembly


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Product: Intellian v100GX: Global Xpress Terminal


Antenna Dimensions: 151.4cm x Ø138cm
Antenna Weight: 128kg
Reflector Size: Ø103cm
External Antenna: yes
VSAT - Antenna
Antenna Type, Pedestal: 3 axis: azimuth, elevation, cross-level
Transmit Gain: 41.6 dBi @ mid band
Receive Gain: 39.4 dBi @ mid band
System G/T: > 19.6 dB/K (clear sky, 30° elevation)
BUC Output Power: 8W, 16W (optional)
LNB: Intellian PLL LNB
Polarisation: Linear, cross-pol and co-pol
Elevation Range: -20° to +115°
VSAT - Modem
Dimensions, Rack Mount (H x W x D): 4.4cm x 43.1cm x 38.1cm
Weight, Rack Mount: 3.5kg
Data: yes
Broadband: yes

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