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AST Long Range GSM



AST Long Range GSM offers an extended range GSM service as an alternative to near-shore satellite communications.

The ability to receive and use fast data GSM services on a day-to-day basis, from anywhere, has presented a problem for the maritime industry, with limitations on offshore reach. Satellite communications can be used when GSM signals become unstable or lost completely, but offer limited data speeds.

AST Long Range GSM is an on-board device that increases the range and quality of GSM services offshore, with the added ability to switch over to a satellite connection should the need arise.

The specially selected antennas, combined with AST’s developed dual antenna module, allows customers to access their selected service provider whilst at sea, with AST’s Bluetip antenna configuration providing the best service at the longest range.

AST’s solution works across all global mobile GSM service frequencies, meaning customers are not limited to a particular mobile network provider.

AST Long Range GSM has the ability to failover to other available networks such as VSAT, Wi-Fi, Fleet BroadBand, Iridium OpenPort or Thuraya Atlas IP, giving added resilient communication capability onboard.

Switching can be enabled simply using a control application which can be accessed via a mobile device, tablet or computer.

The high quality parts used and developed by AST for the AST Long Range GSM solution mean the amount of data loss is kept to a minimum and a stable connection held for an increased range when further offshore.

The dual antenna module, specialist cable and connectors used provide the strongest possible signal and throughput, allowing a compelling, cost reducing, commercial solution.

In the box

  • SCAN antenna 1-UHF99B
  • SCAN antenna 2-UHF219
  • Dual Antenna Module
  • 2 x 2m cables
  • 2 x antenna mounts (ordered seperately)
  • ADU to BDU cable (optional lengths 5m/10m/15m/20m - ordered seperately)
  • Router
  • Amalgamating tape
  • Cable ties


Network Logo
Product: AST Long Range GSM


Dimensions: Router 150 x 246 x 72mm
Antenna Dimensions: Antenna 1 - 1.34m Antenna 2 - 0.64m
Operating Temperature: -40°C - +80°C
IP Rating: Antenna IP 66 | Dual Antenna Module IP 67
Mounting: Mast or Deck
Input Voltage: 10-30V
Optional GSM: yes
Product Interfaces
1 x GSM SIM Slot
3 x LAN Ports
Wifi Booster