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Applied Satellite Technology Systems Ltd are pleased to have provided satellite communications equipment to Glacier in a Greenhouse. Glacier in a Greenhouse is a student-led expedition from Durham University, and the recipient of this year’s Land Rover ‘Go Beyond’ bursary, awarded by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

Departing the UK for Iceland on 15th August 2011 the Glacier in a Greenhouse team are using the bursary to venture into central west Iceland and study the remote Eiríksjökull Icecap. The team will drive daily from camp to the Klofajökull outlet glacier which, due to its inaccessible nature, was last researched some 15 years ago.

For their expedition, AST Systems provided Glacier in a Greenhouse with BGAN EXPLORER 500 Terminal and an Iridium 9555 Satellite Handset. The equipment provided ensured the team had reliable means of communications which could be used at any time, even at the bottom of the remote Eiríksjökull Icecap.

The BGAN Explorer 500 terminal was used to post regular updates on Glacier in a Greenhouse facebook page.