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The Ghan is Australia’s largest passenger train that travels from Darwin to Adelaide, a total distance of 2,979km. The 1096m train takes passengers through the most remote parts of the Australian outback for three days, beyond GSM coverage.

Kate, Tim and Marty the radio hosts on popular drive show Nova FM wanted to broadcast their journey across what is called one of the world’s greatest rail journeys. Calling their production ‘Show from a train’, they broadcast live from a moving train for 2 hours a day.

The broadcast was made possible by fitting a BGAN EXPLORER on top of the train, supplied by AST Australia while utilised the Inmarsat satellite network.

Matt Powell, Assistant Technology Manager thanked AST Australia, “The whole event would not have been possible without the satellite service, which did not miss a beat”.

AST Australia has been providing satellite services to broadcasters for many years, but ‘Show from a train’ was the first time they had been asked to provide a satellite service for a moving train.

The BGAN EXPLORER is intended for moving vehicles. Robust and durable, the EXPLORER 325 and EXPLORER 727 are the most portable satellite broadband systems in the world, providing simultaneous voice and data connectivity on the move, making it the optimised solution to broadcast from The Ghan.

This journey has proved that it is possible to fit trains travelling in the most remote locations with satellite broadband terminals, providing reliable internet connection for those on-board. With commercial airlines beginning to offer WiFi services across the globe, it seems like only a matter of time before similar services are introduced to train travellers, no matter where they are travelling to.

IRIS, an award winning, cost-efficient remote monitoring and tracking control application, although not used for this journey, would have been the ideal application to show the exact location of The Ghan throughout its journey across Australia. IRIS gives real-time visibility of assets, including trains, wherever you are in the world via satellite. 

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