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Inshore vessel monitoring systems

iVMS (inshore vessel monitoring system) is a generic term for a VMS vessel tracking and monitoring system and solution using inexpensive cellular 3G/GSM/GPRS networks rather than global satellite.

Inshore vessel monitoring systems (iVMS) are remote asset tracking systems typically used to monitor artisanal or smaller fishing vessels under 12 meters working closer inshore for the sustainable management of MPA (Marine Protected Areas), closed areas and inshore fisheries. The ability to use inexpensive multiple cellular networks for maximum coverage, combined with store and forward technology (buffer position report and transmit when in coverage) means VMS solutions using cellular are now a viable alternative to satellite for inshore or artisanal fishing fleets.

With cellular coverage extending as far as 12 nautical miles from the coast, one size does not fit all. AST offers a range of satellite communications solutions from remote asset tracking systems to a simple to use SMART phone VMS monitoring APP downloaded onto a fisher’s phone, to a mains power independent solar-charged satellite communications iVMS solution through to an advanced UK MMO (Marine Management Approved) Blue Traker iVMS with winch sensor technology.

Tailored solutions

AST`s range of satellite communications remote asset tracking iVMS solutions that can be tailored to your fishery’s inshore vessel monitoring requirements:

  • iVMS Guardian – SMART phone vessel monitoring APP
  • AVMS – entirely power self-sufficient, advanced solar charging, cellular tracker with built-in GPS
  • iVMS Xtreme – extremely robust IP67 housing tracker with built-in GPS
  • BT iVMS – advanced cellular tracker with built-in GPS and optional winch sensor technology

iVMS Xtreme

The AST iVMS Xtreme is a cellular-based vessel remote asset tracking and monitoring solution specifically designed for surveillance of inshore small scale artisanal fishing fleets or mobile assets in harsh environments.

The low maintenance rugged AST iVMS Xtreme Inshore Vessel Monitoring System will provide you with reliable high-frequency position reporting.

  • iVMS shore side vessel asset tracking and monitoring application with cloud-based GUI that is mobile/tablet friendly
  • Durable operational range -20 -to +55 degrees Celsius
  • Internal rechargeable battery, 72 hours operation following a mains power failure
  • Robust IP67 housing impact/UV/saltwater resistant
  • Extended cellular coverage – multi-network global SIM technology
  • Advanced accuracy best in class GNSS (GPS, GLONASS and Beidow)
  • Store and forward position if it is outside cellular coverage
  • Stainless mounting brackets
  • Internal anti-tamper switch sends alert if the device is opened
  • Physical anti-tamper seals

 AST iVMS Xtreme

BlueTraker iVMS

BlueTraker iVMS has been certified and approved by the MMO (Marine Management Organisation) and IFCA (Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority) for iVMS in the UK.

iVMS (inshore vessel monitoring) is a satellite communications solution for VMS vessel asset tracking and monitoring using inexpensive GPRS networks rather than satellite.

This solution has been certified and approved by the MMO (Marine Management Organisation) and IFCA (Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority) for iVMS in the UK.

Suitable for tracking and monitoring fishing vessels under 12 meters typically working closer inshore for the management of inshore fisheries.

When the device is outside GPRS coverage, the Blue Traker iVMS stores all the position reports and forwards them once back within GPRS coverage.

The new “GPRS only” iVMS device has the same robust IP67 platform and housing as the VMS+ but with the addition of remote wireless diagnostics and over the air upgrade capability, reducing the need for support personnel to visit the vessel.

AST VMS - Vessel Monitoring System

iVMS ATX Solution

iVMS (inshore vessel monitoring) using inexpensive cellular networks rather than global satellite.

Typically used to monitor smaller fishing vessels under 12 meters working inshore for the management of MPA (Marine Protected Areas), closed areas and inshore fisheries.

Our iVMS ATX series of terminals is tried and tested in the fisheries sector with the following main features:

  • Utilising a “global 3G SIM” which means accessing multiple global cellular networks with one SIM for maximum coverage without expensive roaming fees.
  • Robust casing and waterproof – IP67
  • Dual Mode of operation- When the iVMS has external power the internal batteries will be charged and it will operate in real-time sending GPS position reports. When external power is removed it will automatically switch to the preconfigured sleep mode on the internal battery reporting external power has been removed. Extremely low power consumption achieved by innovative battery management to preserve battery life.
  • Geofence mode of operation – the unit can change the frequency of transmitting GPS when entering a pre-configured geofence.  With every GPS message, the device sends the battery level it currently operates on and current temperature inside the unit.
  • Vibration sensor – for automatic security and motion detection.
  • Movement Detection – the unit detects when the vessel is moving.
  • Store and forward – the small and easy to install terminal can store up to 10,000 events when out of GPRS coverage then send them automatically when back in GPRS coverage.
  • LED Indicator light – installed in the wheelhouse to indicate correct operation.

IRIS Mapping Application

AST also provides IRIS, a secure mapping platform that has been developed to receive and display in real-time the received vessel positional data.

IRIS provides real-time vessel asset tracking, monitoring, reports, polling, geo-fencing, the ability to change reporting frequencies as well as course history with remote access if required via satellite communications.

Autonomous VMS

AVMS II – Autonomous Vessel Monitoring System

The AVMS GPS cellular tracker is designed for fishing vessels or assets with no mains power.  It is entirely self-sustaining on only solar power, 365 days a year even on short winter days with less than 6 hours daylight sending high-frequency position reporting at 3-minute intervals. It is tough, robust IP 67 waterproof and dustproof form factor is resistant to UV, salt and impacts.  No maintenance required and fit and forget methodology.

  • Inshore vessel monitoring (iVMS)
  • Supports supply chain traceability
  • Mains Power independent asset tracking solution – inexpensive installation
  • Rugged and durable GPS/GSM device
  • Anti-Tamper technology – physical and electronic alerting

AVMS II – Autonomous Vessel Monitoring System


VMS shore side application

Provided as part of AST`s suite of solutions is GAP (Global Alerting Platform), an advanced, resilient (web-based - hosted in the cloud) vessel monitoring and tracking system application with a wide range of asset alerting/reporting functionality.  GAP is satellite communication enabled, scalable and future proof way of a multitude of GSM and satellite GPS tracking devices are already integrated into it.

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