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Mining companies rely on satcom-enabled connectivity solutions for remote site automation, corporate network extension and worker welfare, all of which contribute to increased productivity and extended operational lifecycles.

The remote location of many mining sites causes connectivity and safety issues. AST can remove the need for a costly and unreliable terrestrial network during the construction phase, instead connecting monitoring devices, automated machinery and personnel on-line through a satellite broadband network.

Reliable connectivity 

Mining sites are typically located in remote, mountainous or arid areas where GSM is unreliable or non-existent. During the construction phase, communications will be at their highest with voice and data being used at an extreme rate. During this phase a fixed VSAT system is most often recommended, allowing for high bandwidth usage and full network management via INTEGRA from AST.

Worker welfare

Keep morale high with communications and recreational services provided via satellite. Handle medical emergencies and health issues efficiently and improve safety and emergency response with tracking solutions for mobile teams.

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