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Rigs & Platforms

Increasing energy demands has led to a surge of activities in the Oil & Gas industry. Often located in remote and hazardous locations across the globe, oil and gas platforms and rigs require secure, reliable, robust equipment to ensure their operations are carried out safely and efficiently.  


We understand the critical importance of having equipment that can withstand extreme temperatures, dust, noise and toxic exposure, to ensure that all personnel can operate in a safe environment.  Our extensive range of products includes ATEX Radios which are built to withstand explosive atmospheres and other hazardous environments


With assets in remote locations, M2M solutions and products provide remote monitoring and surveillance options that enable lower operational costs and provide real-time data transfer and sharing, facilitating immediate decision making. Monitor and track expensive assets or sole workers on-site with unique solutions from The AST Group.

Crew Welfare 

For the crew, being able to contact their loved ones back home and accessing a few home comforts plays a vital role in their well-being. Our range of handheld and broadband terminals allow rig owners to improve crew welfare and quality of life allowing the crew to make calls, watch television (TVRO), access the internet and send texts and emails, from any location and in any weather.  

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