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First Responders

First responders must be able to communicate effectively during an emergency in order to efficiently co-ordinate response units.  In many situations the co-ordination of one or many different units from different departments may be required.

Too often in critical situations, communications among public safety agencies are hampered by interoperability problems, unstable communications infrastucture, or intermittent signal issues.


Many ambulance crews across the globe, operate in poor or non-existent radio/GSM coverage areas, or suffer from back-spots which can interupt coverage during potentially life threatening situations. 

Vehicular mounted satellite terminals and Push-To-Talk radios, which operate over satellite networks, provide robust, reliable communications on-the-move.


Along with the challenges faced by all first responders, many fire crews operate in remote areas, tackling wild fires.

Wild fires can cover expansive areas of land and not only do control centres have to co-ordinate the fire crews, but also the evacuation of people living in the danger zones.  Information must be shared quickly as wind direction can change the path of the fire in seconds.


Our scaleable satellite broadband and wireless voice, video, data and internet solutions deliver robust and reliable control centre communications, real time sharing of critical information and more effective and efficient management of any major incident or large-scale event.  

Search & Rescue

Operations such as search & rescue require fast deployment and efficient co-ordination of many different services; including fire, ambulance and police crews. 

The ability to communicate between disparate radio networks becomes paramount to the success of the operation. We can provide satellite and radio solutions to enable on-the-move communications and continuity of operations in any condition.

Many satellite phones incorporate inbuilt SOS and tracking facilities that are ideal for personnel working in remote or dangerous surroundings.


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