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SAT-DOCKER: Vehicle Docking Adapter for Thuraya XT



SAT-DOCKER Vehicle Docking Adapter ensures uninterrupted satellite service while using Thuraya XT satellite phone in vehicles.   Due to the nature of satellite signal, requiring direct view of the satellite, SAT-DOCKER significantly increases reliability of the satellite service for in-vehicle use.

SAT-DOCKER has built-in capabilities to use all features of your Thuraya phone and service such as GPS, text messaging, 9600 bps data, voicemail and call holding/forwarding.

•    Car antenna available for north or south latitudes
•    Phone holder compatible with SAT-Office
•    Powers from car cigarette lighter
•    Charges phone Li-Ion battery
•    Two-year warranty
•    Compatibility: Thuraya XT satellite phone only
•    Privacy handset (optional)
•    Marked CE and e1
•    Designed in Germany, manufactured in Europe

In the box

  • Privacy handset
  • Operators manual
  • 3-in-1 external antenna (satellite/GSM/GPS)
  • Thuraya phone holder
  • Universal stand
  • DSP unit
  • Hands-free microphone
  • Speakerphone
  • Cables pack


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Product: SAT-DOCKER: Vehicle Docking Adapter for Thuraya XT


External Antenna: no
Streaming IP: no
SMS: yes
GPS: yes
Call features
Voice: yes
Caller ID: yes
Call Forwarding: yes
Call Waiting: yes
Speed Dialling: yes
Handsfree: yes