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Gryphon Satellite Communications/Tracking Unit



The Gryphon operates in vehicles, vessels and aircraft providing flexibility, mobility and visibility as the user travels.

Features include:

  • Integrated GPS satellite tracking unit provides real time, web-based global tracking capability
  • Wireless, multifunction distress alarm sends instantaneous alarm messages
  • Integrated satellite phone with intelligent handset for global voice and text communication
  • Optional audio interface available for direct integration of aircraft headsets or use in other noisy environments
  • Internal, re-chargeable battery pack provides 48 hours continuous operation, 72 hours stand-by (dependable on satellite phone use)
  • Compact Iridium/GPS antenna can be easily located on vehicle, vessel or aircraft with suction or magnetic mount
  • Ideally suited for temporary Citadel communications in a counter-piracy or maritime security environment

The Gryphon provides a unique solution for the transport, aviation, and maritime counter-piracy/security sector.

In its maritime role, users deploy Gryphon as a vessel communications and tracking platform during daily operations and when locked down in a Citadel during a piracy incursion - a situation that doesn't always provide an ideal scenario for satcoms and requires a specialised solution.

At sea, Gryphon tends to be better suited to medium and smaller vessels as the antenna deployment constraint is currently limited to 30 metres.

The benefits of having voice, SMS and tracking visibility outside of the Citadel during lockdown are clear, being able to be remotely located within minutes and have direct voice and text communications to the outside world is a strong motivation for any user.

In the box

  • Gryphon box unit
  • Power cable and adapter
  • DC input smart charger
  • Antenna and cable
  • Iridium satellite handset
  • Panic alarm


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Product: Gryphon Satellite Communications/Tracking Unit


Dimensions: 27cm x 24.6cm x 12.4cm
Weight: 5.2kg
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Input Voltage: 11 - 32V DC
Talk Time: 48 hours
Stand By Time: 72 hours
Data: yes
SMS: yes
Email: no
GPS: yes
Tracking: yes
SOS: yes
Call features
Voice: yes