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Head office: Great Yarmouth, UK

Regional head office: Chandler, Arizona

Regional head office: Perth, Western Australia

Regional head office: Singapore

Switch your existing service plan to the fastest L-band service, Iridium Certus® 

  • Free Iridium Certus® terminal
  • 6 months free INTEGRA Control Lite and IRIS Tracking**
  • Get an additional $500 bonus credit on a 36 month plan

Switch your existing service plan to a 24 or 36 month Iridium Certus®; plan with AST and get a FREE Iridium Certus® terminal AND 6 months FREE INTEGRA Control Lite and IRIS Tracking.** Plus, get an additional $500 bonus credit when you switch to a 36 month plan.  This is a limited time offer only from AST. So don't delay switch to Iridium Certus® with AST today!

*IRIS Tracking available only on Thales VesseLINK terminals

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