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Key facts

  • The team raised £2000 for Cancer Research


Four of our incredible AST colleagues raised an amazing £2000 for Cancer Research, by taking part in two Race for Life events.

Race for Life is a series of fundraising events, organised by the charity, Cancer Research UK. Everyone taking part raises money by running, jogging, or walking a 5-kilometre, 10-kilometres, or a ‘Pretty Muddy’ course.

Bethany (Airtime Team Leader), Nicole (Key Account Manager), and Stacey (Key Account Manager) all accepted the challenge of running the Race for Life Pretty Muddy event in Norwich, tackling obstacles along a five kilometres course. Climbing, crawling, and sliding their way to the end. Staisha (Key Account Manager) managed to avoid the mud but set herself the daunting challenge of taking on the 10-kilometre race.

I caught up with them all to learn about how it really felt to take part.


How was the Pretty Muddy event?


It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. The main thing that hit me the most was having wet feet and trying to run. It was the squelching and the weight. But it was so much fun.


It was a good day. It was really emotional. When you read the back of all the shirts that everyone had on and saw that they said things like, ‘I’m racing in memory of my twin that I lost.’

There were people that said that they were, ‘racing for me,’ and they were obviously going through their own cancer journeys. While it was really emotional and sad, it was also a joyous thing to be able to be there and show support.

We were set off in 15-minute intervals, and the organisers told us that our 15-minute group raised £78,000. That’s just one of many 15-minute groups. So, it reminds you how big this thing is.

When everyone comes together, it’s nice to be a part of something so big, knowing that a lot of other people have the same mentality. It felt really nice to know that you had done your part.

How did you find training for the event?


Nicole and I did absolutely no training, which in hindsight… probably wasn’t our best idea.


I started to and then I dropped off a bit. But my stepdaughter, she raced in the Pretty Muddy Kids. She ran the whole thing, and she is only eight. She was absolutely covered in mud too. But that’s all part of the fun.


There’s been a lot of support from the AST group. And it wasn’t just the company that sponsored us, our colleagues have been amazing too, making individual contributions, and they’re still coming today, from all departments.


Why did you choose to run the ten-kilometre race?


I had done the 5k pretty muddy run a couple of years ago and I loved it. So, this year, I decided to sign up for the 10k instead. It was also to push myself a little bit and start training. I did three months of training but I’m not a runner at all. I only started running at the beginning of this year, and now it’s turned into a hobby. I’ve even signed up for a half marathon later this year.

It’s helped me physically and mentally, as well as supporting the amazing cause. We’ve raised £2000 between us, and thanks to AST’s donation.

The day was really emotional. Just seeing families showing their support and people with signs on their backs, saying who they were running for. It was all so happy, but also so sad. It really was an emotional day.


An amazing achievement

It is clear to see that these four are working hard to support Cancer Research and help the charity to continue their research to change lives. This is for everyone suffering with cancer, including friends and family.

At AST, we always look to empower others and build lasting partnerships, especially with our colleagues. it is important for everyone in our business to support each other, and even more so, when it comes to things close to our hearts, including charity.

That is why the AST Group have also supported their cause with a donation, to take the total raised by our group of runners to £2000. Plus, we are happy to say that other members of staff are still sending in donations to celebrate four amazing race finishes.


How to donate

If you want to show your support for these four brave racers, follow the links below to raise even more for Cancer Research to help with their future research efforts:

Bethany | Nicole | Stacey | Staisha


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