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23rd June 2016

AST put the power into the hands of their customers with the new My AST Portal online connection management tool.

For many years AST customers have been able to manage their satellite communication devices online from their computer or laptop, activate, monitor usage, suspend, and request firewall and usage monitoring.

So what’s new I hear you ask . . .?

Well for a start you are no longer chained to your laptop or office computer, with any smart device (phone, tablet, iPad etc), on a data connection, My AST Portal will auto adjust the display making it a mobile management tool as well as an administrative necessity.

With just one login and password the user can not only access and make changes relevant to the billing and usage of their connected devices, they can access the AST Extranet, packed with useful information on products, services, product comparisons and much more.  The portal will access settings on the newly launched AST INTEGRA network, meaning that as the capability is developed the customer can manage connectivity and usage at the application level – taking the customer to a new level for control of communications costs and eliminating the possibility of bill shock through unwanted internet use.

Finally, the new My AST Portal gives the customer the ability to create their own sub-accounts with access authorisation controls, making it a tool resellers can provide to their customers.  No more unhelpful ‘help’ buttons, there are video tutorials to help the user at every stage.

The My AST Portal works on the full range of AST products from VSAT to Short Burst Data and we believe provides users with the control and capability needed for today’s communication networks.

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