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AST Systems UK provides satellite communication requirements for Raw TV's latest production, Gold Rush: Parker's Trail 3, filmed in remote areas of South America.

About the customer

Raw TV is a multi-award winning TV production company. The company was established in 2001 and produces high quality content for clients like the BBC, Discovery, CNN and ITV. The team at Raw TV produce content of all kinds including documentaries, scripted television and movies. AST Systems UK have provided satellite communications services to Raw TV for over five years.  

The challenge

Raw TV’s latest production, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail 3, was filmed in remote areas of South America where terrestrial or cellular communications are limited or non-existent. The crew needed a stable line of communication to send audio and video back to the studio in the UK and, more critically, the ability to call for help in the event of an emergency.

The solution

AST Systems UK were quickly able to provide the team with multiple Iridium Extreme and Inmarsat IsatPhone2 handsets to ensure that the crew had reliable means of communicating with other team members or to signal for help in case of an emergency. In addition to the handsets, AST supplied an EXPLORER 510 BGAN satellite terminal and the most cost-effective data option to deliver footage back to the studio in the UK.  

The EXPLORER 510 satellite terminal is a global WiFi hotspot with Internet speeds of up to 464 Kbps to any in-range wireless devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. It also turns your smartphone into a satellite phone to place or receive phone calls from anyone in the world. It is ideal for all applications in remote or urban locations that require Internet and phone service anywhere.

Beth Falkingham, Production Coordinator for Raw TV commented, “AST Systems was great at advising us on the best options for equipment and data packages for our needs and helped us organise a BGAN and satellite phones at very short notice. During production our requirements changed - AST has once again been very helpful in helping us work out the most cost-effective option.”

AST Systems UK further assisted Raw TV by training the crew in the use of the hardware and by providing 24/7 technical support for the duration of the production.

Falkingham added, “I would definitely recommend AST to anyone looking for great advice, equipment options and support for satellite comms for television and wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again for future productions.”