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Telematics and asset management solutions

AST's ground-breaking proven telemetry and asset management solutions provide digital and analogue control systems for both land and maritime markets. 

From vessel management to outboard motors, generators and control and monitoring of solar-powered obstruction lighting skids we can tailor our iRAMS suite of solutions to fit your requirements.


Key benefits

Our satellite communications remote asset tracking system enables on-board hardware to connect to your vessels most expensive component (the engines) and transmits the data in near real time to a simple to user web interface. This web interface then allows shore based operations staff clear visibility of the not only the vessels location, but also its engine data. The engine data is presented in a format similar to the on-board engine MPD’s.

iRAMS Vessels

iRAMS - Intelligent Remote Asset Management System

AST iRAMS is a groundbreaking proven vessel engine and asset tracking and management system. Global marine and remote vessel monitoring technologies have advanced and improved recently with added functionality such as engine and sensor monitoring telemetry via satellite communications. Prepare for the unexpected with iRAMS - be alerted shore side in near real-time when things go wrong and protect your vessel and crew.

AST’s engine management system makes use of these technologies to transfer operational parameters from a vessel anywhere in the world, to your office. These parameters are then presented in the iRAMS Graphic User Interface shore side, enabling operations staff to view, be alerted and act upon the information in near real-time.


Influencing Skipper behaviour reduces fuel expense by up to 25% and reduces vessel emissions

AST iRAMS Maritime Fuel Saving Analysis

To demonstrate potential cost savings for vessel/fleet owners commonly implemented in the land Fleet Management industry through use of AST’s Intelligent Remote Asset Management System (iRAMS) telemetry to monitor vessel parameters, and influence skipper behaviour to drive down operating costs and reduce environmental emissions.

Fifteen years of land fleet management telemetry has shown cost savings in the transport industry and the experience learnt can be applied to the maritime sector with iRAMS telemetry.

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Reports: recording and reporting statistical data on a single diagnostic parameter against time, or dual parameters.

  • boost/pressure
  • engine hours
  • engine load
  • exhaust temperature
  • fuel consumption
  • oil pressure
  • RPM
  • temperature coolant
  • throttle position
  • torque

iRAMS data is transmitted from the vessel via satellite (if offshore) or GSM to a server-based in the UK. It is then available to view via our online portal.

Vessel and engine data is visible via the portal by using a map overlay and graphical track of each vessel within a fleet. Alarm notifications are highlighted within the track by red dots and can highlight when and where the alarm took place.

Within each point of the track “snap-shots” of data are captured, a simple click on this point will show the engine data at that time.

The Portal is also used to set up engine threshold alarms which can be sent via email or SMS anywhere in the world, this can also include Geofence alerts to highlight areas of interest within your business, for example; in/out of port or arrival at a wind farm.  

iRAMS satellite communications system also provides the ability to feed this vessel information automatically into your preventative maintenance schedules. The engine management system provides all of this functionality and more. Installation on board your vessel of a tried and tested system that proactively monitors different aspects of your vessel is a simple and non-intrusive process. Operating globally via satellite, iRAMS will be of particular interest to vessel operators with limited engineering resources on board as it provides a range of engine logging data and diagnostic information shore side via the GUI. Combined with a range of configurable alerts, sent via SMS or e-mail to the Operations Manager or Fleet Engineer, the system provides early warning alerts of anomalies before they become problematic.

The on-board hardware connects to your vessels most expensive component (the engines) and transmits the data in near real time to a simple shoreside user web interface. This web interface then allows shore based operations staff clear visibility of the not only the vessels location, but also its engine data. The engine data is presented in a format similar to the on-board engine MPD’s.


  • Increased visibility of your fleet from anywhere with a connection to the internet
  • Near real time positional information
  • Viewing of operational engine information
  • Reporting on operational information (temp alerts, throttle position)
  • Trending of data
  • Improved maintenance scheduling
  • Proven return on investment in reduced fuel usage

This information is all retained and can be used to improve operational efficiency through the KPI reporting tool by comparing vessels or fleets. All of the engines historic data is automatically stored in a secure server ready to be accessed at any time. This data can also be fed into your existing maintenance scheduling tool or fed into the AST PMS (Planned Maintenance System). Placing geo-fences around the vessels home ports and work areas provides the shore based operations staff detailed transit data. The satellite communications system will send the shore based staff an email or text message when a vessel leaves port for example.

iRAMS Gensets

iRAMS Genset, diesel-powered portable or static power generator sets are an expensive asset to maintain particularly in offshore or remote land based locations.

iRAMS Genset - Typically conditions can be harsh, very often expensive to send maintenance engineers and where there can be little or no terrestrial land based or cellular based communications to remotely monitor and manage your asset.

A new non-intrusive telematics and SCADA type solution called iRAMS using global satellite technology addresses all these challenges. With the massive expansion of low latency satellite networks, coupled with greatly reduced costs for low bandwidth mobile satellite data, this has now significantly improved the economic viability of remotely managing and controlling gensets worldwide using satellite technology.


Controls: users can remotely start and stop under controlled conditions, reset, change mode, configure thresholds, download raw data and schedule reports.

Alerts: when an event is detected the user can choose to receive a notification by e-mail.



Monitors: iRAMS users can monitor a wide variety of operational, alarms, faults and fuel usage parameters to monitor the efficiency and health of the genset via a PC/smartphone with an internet connection.

Alerts: when an event is detected, the user can choose to receive a notification by e-mail.

User interface: users are supplied with an intuitive and simple to use iRAMS web-based Graphic User Interface (GUI) to enable them to manage, monitor, report and control the genset.

Mapping: aid in scheduling and refuelling logistics.

Fuel status: visual, colour-coded overlay of genset fuel status.



  • Configurable diagnostics gensets alerts.
  • Wide range of engine parameters which are constantly monitored.
  • Genset access door sensor recording and alerting.



iRAMS I/O is a flexible, expandable and efficient IOT remote asset tracking and monitoring solution over satellite communications and/or cellular that collects, stores and reports on data from remote locations. Multiple analogue, digital or MODBUS I/O protocol inputs available means a broad range of (wireless options available) sensors or devices can be integrated. Data is delivered to an intelligent secure web-based portal accessed via any internet-enabled device, PC, tablet.

Cut staff costs & risk

Sending your people to distant desert, forest, mountain or offshore sites for remote data collection isn’t just expensive, it’s risky for them and unreliable for you. If distances are great or access is affected by weather, the timeliness of data collection will be impacted too.

Sensor Management - Remotely configure sensor settings, logging interval and alarm thresholds of each data channel.   iRAMS I/O eliminates these risks to your people and business with smart satellite communications remote asset tracking and monitoring. You can configure, install and leave one iRAMS I/O device at each remote location, to collect and transmit data continuously and reliably for as little as $1 per day.  You can access all your data and reports and control all your devices centrally via the user-friendly iRAMS I/O web portal, from wherever you are.

Slash setup & running costs

If you need to monitor both multiple parameters and multiple sites, it could be expensive if you rely on bespoke devices. They’re also complex to install, costly to maintain and difficult to reconfigure if your needs change or those of external authorities.

Flexible hardware solutions

iRAMS I/O cuts your capital and operation costs, with an off-the-shelf Plug & Play device which is fast to configure and install—in 3 minutes— even by non-technical staff. With a wide choice of solar or long-life battery power, iRAMS I/O is also hands-off to maintain and economical to run.

Ensure reliable data & fast response

Remote sites are often outside 3G/4G coverage, or topography and weather affect signal reliability. If tracking and monitoring is vital to your business, you can’t risk patchy or late data transmission. iRAMS I/O can also communicate via satellite communications, using the global Inmarsat network, assuring reliable, continuous data transmission and control of your devices, from anywhere in the world.


Accessed via a secure web-based portal enabling your assets location, data, reports, status and alerts to be displayed. The iRAMS I/O portal provides a 'Device View Editor' which allows you to build unique pages to visualize the data logged by your device. It is an intuitive drag and drop interface, so you can easily and quickly build your views. These views can then be saved against the current device and copied to other devices, to simplify the setup of multiple devices.

You can create the following types of widgets in the editor, these can be added to the device view by just clicking the desired button on the left of the page.

  • Line Chart: Dual-axis line charts that can display historical data from multiple fields.
  • Bar Chart: Single-axis bar charts that can display historical data from a single field.
  • Thermometer: A thermometer graphic that displays the latest value of a field visually and numerically.
  • Compass: A compass graphic that displays the latest value of a field visually.
  • Gauge: A gauge graphic that will display the latest value of a field visually with a needle between a min and max value.
  • Liquid Gauge: A gauge graphic that will display the latest value of a field visually.
  • Wind Rose Plot: A rose plot that can either display historical data from a field as Frequency By Direction or Average Speed By Direction
  • Digital Display: Displays the latest value of a field numerically
  • Heading: Displays a heading, which can be customised.
  • Map: Displays a Google Map with a pin on the location of the device


iRAMS I/O for outboards

AST MSL Supplies Proteum Marine with Oxe Diesel Outboard telemetry solution.

AST Marine Science has been working with Proteum Marine based at Hamble Point Marina, Southampton, to develop a telemetry solution for their Oxe Diesel outboards that they currently distribute in the UK and Ireland.

Proteum approached AST MSL as they required a reliable and easy to use/install solution in order to ensure service intervals were maintained within their fleet and a way to back-up their warranty for their customer's high-performance diesel engine range.

Proteum looked to our inexpensive GSM iRAMS I/O solution in order to monitor the engines. Utilising the CAN bus of the engine, MSL was able to capture the data from the engines and send it to a simple to use portal, based online and therefore available to view anywhere in the world. Thresholds are set within the portal in order to monitor each engine on the vessel, and if the engine parameters go outside these setting, an alert will be raised via email which can be sent to anyone who looks over the vessel. iRAMS I/O is able to monitor up to 4 outboards with one system.

iRAMS for outboard motors

Below is an example of the single-engine user portal.

AST MSL iRAMS - outboard engine monitoring

If you are interested in any type of vessel/engine monitoring then please give AST Marine sciences a call to discuss.

iRAMS I/O for water monitoring
iRAMS I/O for remote skid monitoring

iRAMS I/O monitors solar-powered obstruction lighting skid on unmanned platform in the North Sea.

The technical requirement from Pharos Marine Automatic Power was for iRAMS I/O to monitor and feedback live data from their solar-powered obstruction lighting skid.  Their skid was installed on an unmanned offshore platform in the North Sea (outside GSM coverage) and required telemetry in near real-time to demonstrate their obstruction lighting was functioning correctly and meeting their KPI.  

iRAMS I/O live data is transmitted over satellite and displayed in the secure user web-based portal which can be viewed anywhere in the world via PC or mobile device.   

The system alerts to any issues on the remote skid and offers remote diagnostics and fault finding to reduce visit time and expense while maintaining decommissioned offshore platforms.

AST MSL worked to develop our iRAMS I/O solution which is designed to be a modular stand-alone system where the CPU is expandable via I/O cards enabling expansion from 1 to 200 points of analogue and digital I/O depending on the architecture of the application. This offers a very flexible solution for monitoring and feeding back data from basic through to complicated control systems via satellite. iRAMS I/O can also communicate via Modbus and serial ports directly from a PLC interface making it a truly robust solution for many industrial/environmental control applications.
Offshore solar skid panel

AST's ground-breaking proven telemetry and asset management solutions provide digital and analogue control systems for both land and maritime markets.

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