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Guardian - vessel monitoring app

AST’s vessel monitoring app, Guardian, is an efficient satellite communications remote asset tracking system for monitoring the vessels of an inshore fishery utilising the fishers’ own smartphones (Android & iOS compatible) to transmit their positions.  Most smartphones today have inbuilt GPS which the app will utilise to send messages.  

Configurable remotely over air, messages (down to one every minute) with date, time, course, speed, heading, battery charging status and battery level are delivered shore side to a powerful – hosted in the cloud Graphic User Interface Application VMS GAP (Global Alerting Platform).

The Guardian smartphone vessel monitoring and tracking app are easy to download and set up and intuitive to use.  Once the app opens the system there is only one touch screen button – “start” for the fishers to press to activate the app transmitting its position.  The app has “store and forward of position reports”.  This means when the vessel is outside cellular coverage, the app will buffer all the position reports and transmit them when it returns within coverage over cellular or even wi-fi so no positional data and assets are lost.


At the end of the fishing trip, the fisher simply presses “stop” and the app will cease transmitting its position.

Remote vessel monitoring from AST

The Guardian is a powerful satellite communications tracking and vessel monitoring system available as an app with a number of value-added additional features to encourage stakeholder compliance:

  • SOS – satellite communications alerts are transmitted with one press of touch screen alert button.
  • Check-in – Failure to check-in (configurable schedule) – will automatically ensure shore side GAP monitoring application automatically sends alerts by SMS or email to the recipient of their choice.
  • Two way messaging with a shore-side monitoring application.
  • Man down – no motion from SMART phone (man-down) after a preset interval, the shore side GAP can be configured to send alert to the recipient of their choice.
  • Geofence - automatic alerts when entering, crossing or exiting pre-defined geozones.

Guardian utilises the GAP (global alerting platform).

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