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e-mail compression software for satellite

onsatmail is AST’s email compression software for use on Inmarsat, Iridium & Thuraya Handheld devices, while also widely utilised for IP-based Services including Iridium Certus and Inmarsat’s FBB & BGAN service.


  • Mail Fetch
  • Max Message Size Limit
  • Message Forward
  • Trusted Address List
  • GPS Tracking
  • Image Resizing
  • FTP Client
  • Iridium Signal Monitoring
  • POP Mailer Support
  • Dialling Locations
  • Interactive Dialling Mode
  • Event Scheduler
  • SMS Notify
  • Spell Check
  • Local File Encryption
  • Calling Priority


  • onsatmail uses a specialised data transfer protocol which addresses the low bandwidth, high latency connections typically found in satellite phone data connections. This error-tolerant protocol coupled with mail batching, compression and advanced spam filtering, provides users with a powerful, easy to use e-mail solution.
  • Reduced connect time and increased throughput on circuit-data connections and over traffic on IP-based links.

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