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Catch Reporting

Catch reporting is an important component of the monitoring, control and surveillance solutions for the commercial fishing industry.

Depending on national and local fisheries laws and management practices, catch reporting may reveal illegal fishing practices, or simply indicate that a given area is being overfished.


Fish catch reporting application

AST iCatch is an intuitive and simple to use fish catch reporting application compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones. Developed specifically for the inshore fleet it reduces the time fishers spend reporting their catch. 

The app is designed to be set up easily and can be configured to the specific needs of a fishery. Fishers can select target species from drop-down menus, saving time and reducing data input error.

AST iCatch fish catch reporting app


Auto Populated

Saves Fishers time by auto populating vessel information, target species and gear.

Catch Report Auto Formated & Transmitted

Catch report is auto-populated with catch information, formatted, recorded with a date stamp and transmitted via the SMART phone to the fishing authority and or fishing producer organisation.

Catch Fishing Zone Identified

AST iCatch records which fishing zone and fishers can report the location of catch simply by a single action on a touch screen.

The iCatch app automatically records catch data and allows fishers to display and compare their catch statistics, with easy to understand visual indicators measuring their current catch with historical catches.


Electronic logbook for commercial fishing fleets

EU compliant electronic logbook for the commercial fishing fleet over 12 metres, from the market leader in the UK.

Under EU Regulations, an Electronic Logbook has become a mandatory requirement, replacing the existing paper-based logbook for vessels above 15 metres (from 1st July 2011) and for all 12 – 15 metre vessels (from 1st January 2012).

EU compliant electronic logbook for the commercial fishing fleet over 12 metres, from the market leader in the UK.

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