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Planned maintenance systems for vessels

The AST Planned Maintenance Software System is a sophisticated, but easy to use, modular application designed for Marine Engineers and Operations Managers to cost-effectively manage their vessel(s) maintenance tasks.

The software enables users to plan, monitor, record and implement complex maintenance tasks, including compliance reporting and innovative predictive maintenance monitoring.

What is it?

The AST-Planned Maintenance System contributes towards improved maintenance on the vessel(s) increasing efficiencies by avoiding downtime and preventing part(s) malfunction.

From medical supplies to the main engine, every piece of equipment sent on board can be listed together with any associated work procedures.

Already used on a number of vessels around the world, including tankers and crew transfer vessels, the software allows both the ship’s crew and the office-based team(s) to manage daily checks, stock levels and routine procedures for the whole vessel.


    Planned, scheduled, predictive and condition-based maintenance


    Analysis of maintenance history and reporting


    Enables proactive planning to improve efficiency and optimise vessel maintenance schedule


    Manage any size fleet with cross fleet standardisation and KPIs


  • Planned, scheduled, predictive and condition-based maintenance
  • Analysis of maintenance history and reporting
  • Cross fleet job standardisation
  • Cross fleet KPI’s
  • Defect reporting and management
  • Stock / spare part management
  • Records when work is complete
  • All ships equipment listed with associated work procedures
  • Class surveys and certificate management
  • Plan vessel dry dock visits/refits
  • View on the vessel, and from shore
  • Saves time and money
  • Compatible with iRAMS for vessel data collection automation
  • Compatible for DNV approval certification

Optional Integration into iRAMS vessels telematics – offers data reporting automation

The PMS solution is fully compatible and integrated with iRAMS which means greater efficiencies can be gained through automating vessel data reporting, freeing crew on board for other duties

iRAMS Vessels


The software has a modular architecture and as such can be introduced in ‘simple to implement’ modules, with optional added-value functionality to meet the needs of individual vessels.

The AST-Planned Maintenance System home page uses a simple traffic light system to highlight any equipment that requires attention and indicates dates when tasks are due.

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