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Terminal Manager & Location Based Services

An award winning remote monitoring and control application which allows you to seamlessly connect to remote sensors, giving users the ability to manage and track assets over satellite and GSM networks, increasing both operational efficiency and improving the decision-making process.


IRIS gives you real-time visibility of all your assets in remote locations, wherever they are in the world – from ships, vehicles, cargo and people to wildlife and hot air balloons.

Collect data on key operational parameters such as location, temperature, speed, altitude and battery life.

IRIS is primarily for monitoring assets connected via satellite, but also supports GSM and fixed network devices.

Two-way messaging allows device interrogation and secure, low-cost communications with lone workers in the field.


Real-time visibility of your remote assets is totally dependent on the M2M terminal functioning properly.

IRIS enables real-time remote control of your satellite M2M terminals for all key tasks including; firmware upgrade, start/stop data session, retrieve network information and reset password.

It gives you more control over your corporate data with secure transmission using AES 256, the highest commercial grade of end-to-end encryption.

The application can be white labelled, hosted in your own network environment with no third-party access – giving you complete, secure control over your own data.

Monitor and locate your assets globally using geo-fences, panic alerts and secure messaging.

Built-in reporting tools allow you to analyse historical data.


IRIS improves your operational efficiency with real-time intelligence on remote assets to quickly identify issues, improve decision making and speed up your response.

IRIS significantly reduces the need for site visits to locations that are often hard to reach – saving both cost and time, which may be critical where safety is concerned.

And the cost of remotely controlling your BGAN M2M devices using IRIS is significantly reduced compared to other solutions.

IRIS can be customised to suit your particular requirement by our own in-house development team.

IRIS - unlock the true potential of IoT

The functional world of M2M communications has been swept up in the IoT revolution, as ‘things’ become the next frontier for widespread connectivity.

Its potential to transform business processes and improve decision making is only starting to be realised. IoT applications will become more advanced and more safety critical, and therefore more data-intensive as the requirement for real-time, higher bandwidth M2M communications increases.

The explosion in connected assets will make the cost of monitoring and controlling them more important – particularly for those in remote locations served by satellite communications.

And the need to manage those assets via a secure, reliable end-to-end connection is critical when safety and corporate reputation are at stake.

IRIS is the flexible, scalable solution which will help you unlock the true potential of IoT, from anywhere in the world.

  IRIS is a Inmarsat Certified Application

  For more information please contact us


   Winner of the 2017 Top M2M IOT Mobility Satcom Innovation award

   from the Mobile Satellite Users Association


AST provides comprehensive IRIS training with 24/7 global customer support

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