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Integrated Communications and Situational Awareness solutions

Integrated Communications and Situational Awareness (ICAS) is the seamless unification of radio, IP, wi-fi and satellite communications between disparate networks and devices across wide areas of terrain (beyond the line of sight).

Why iCSA?

Why iCSA?

Government organisations’ today are challenged with finding the most cost-effective integrated satellite communications systems that utilise existing investments (for example existing radio and push-to-talk technologies) that can complement new technology and increase capabilities.

Situational awareness of personnel, vehicles, ships and airborne transport; defence units, emergency services and local government organisations, is critical to meeting today’s needs when terrorism is on our doorstep and is as big a threat as the theatre of war.

Unification of communications and operation control centres is an important part of the iCSA capability which recognises the need for:

  • One to One communications
  • One to Group communications
  • One to ALL communications

iCSA enables transmissions across wide terrains and multiple groups, with equipment ranging from radios, IP, wi-fi, satellite, cell/mobile phones and more.

How does iCSA work?

How does iCSA work?

  • Firstly we add some sophisticated hardware to integrate and cross-connect audio (radio relay)
  • Secondly, we add intelligent software that can control and route these digital audio streams
  • Thirdly we add end-user applications that allow smartphones, tablets and computers to interact with the digital audio streams and radio networks


Key benefits

  • Enables communications to be unified across a variety of equipment types
  • Utilisation of existing radios and communications system equipment
  • Enables control of ‘user groups’ from central points of command
  • Increases security of personnel through greater location base awareness and improved communications
  • One point of support for a variety of equipment and capabilities
  • 24 x 7 support
  • Connects communications on land, sea and sky
  • Secure location-based services – private network

Why AST? A global VSAT provider, with a local presence, perfectly positions AST to provide service and support to any regional or global vessel operator.

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