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ITC Global
satellite services

Designed and purpose-built by Panasonic, the ITC Global Panasonic Network is setting new heights in performance standards.  

Based on high-throughput satellites (HTS) and traditional wideband, the network delivers Ku-band connectivity with near 100% uptime, up to 10Mbps of throughput and coverage spanning 98% of the world’s most trafficked maritime routes.

  • AST managed NOC with 24/7 operations and engineering cover

  • Voice, fax, video conferencing and data connectivity

  • Low-cost VoIP solutions

  • Integrated into AST’s global network (INTEGRA)

Boundless Broadband

Panasonic Avionics built its network to support the world’s major international airlines. Now a Panasonic company and among the world’s largest providers of industrial-grade satellite communications solutions, ITC Global leverages the network’s boundless connectivity with carrier-grade engineering, superior high-throughput performance, rigorous security and the largest global reach – delivering non-stop broadband to oil and gas hotspots, mining camps and transoceanic routes across the globe.

Boundless Broadband

Future-proofed to scale with the evolving needs of our customers, Panasonic’s next-generation network includes new custom-designed HTS and Extreme-HTS (XTS) payloads doubling network capacity into the future.


The most secure network

For customers operating in remote and harsh environments within highly competitive market segments, protecting data grows in importance each day. This is especially true within the resources sectors, as cloud-based networks, applications and data become increasingly attractive targets. Keeping security standards up-to-date helps customer networks remain operational.  ITC Global has a deep understanding and appreciation for the criticality of customer operations, and take their network security design and development process seriously.

The most secure network
  • Products, services and installations required for 2-way satellite broadband-based communications
  • Land and maritime Ku band services from a variety of providers including Telenor and ITC
  • iDirect technologies offering fast and reliable broadband IP connections
  • Flexible service price plans offering lease or purchase of VSAT hardware     
Network differentiators
  • Purpose-Built: Covers 100% of all major oil and gas hotspots worldwide, 99.9% of aero traffic routes, and greater than 98% percent of global maritime routes worldwide
  • Boundless Connectivity: Ku-band HTS and traditional wideband with added HTS and planned extreme high-throughput (XTS) capacity over high-density routes
  • Seamless Interoperability: Automatic beam switching and mix of wide and spot beams for greatest possible throughput across the network
  • Scalable and Future-Proof: Abundant capacity for growth, new mobility and operational innovations
  • Ground Segment Agnostic: Supports a full range of antenna sizes and uses a global MPLS backbone
  • Price and Performance Advantage: Economy and ubiquity passed on to customers
Network overview and roadmap (video)

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