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Head office: Great Yarmouth, UK

Regional head office: Chandler, Arizona

Regional head office: Perth, Western Australia

Regional head office: Singapore

Our exclusive packages

AST OPTIMA package

The all-inclusive 12 or 36-month fixed fee Iridium Certus® package for maritime


Switch and Save Iridium Certus® promotion

Switch to Iridium Certus® 700 – the fastest L-band service


My AST Portal

From provisioning and managing SIMs to billing, reporting and support, AST’s easy-to-use web portal offers a convenient way to manage your AST satellite connections and services from anywhere in the world via laptop, smartphone or tablet.

My AST Portal also serves as the point of access for INTEGRA See, INTEGRA See+, INTEGRA Control, INTEGRA Control Lite and INTEGRA Edge Cloud, which take real-time traffic reporting and management to the next level.


  • Single login to view all services 
  • Multi-layer access for resellers and your end-users 
  • User-friendly interface – fits any screen size including mobile/tablet
  • Direct access to activate, suspend and deactivate SIMs
  • Monitor and alert functionality across all IP services
  • Granular data usage reports
  • Daily CDRs available to download
  • Consolidated invoicing - 1 single invoice for all services, available on request
  • Visibility of INTEGRA See and INTEGRA See+: view traffic by category and top 10 applications
  • Subscription for INTEGRA Control and INTEGRA Control Lite: block and shape traffic by category and/or application

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