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How many Inmarsat satellites are there? 

Inmarsat owns and operates 13 satellites in geostationary orbit 35,786km (22,236 miles) above the Earth.  Each satellite can generate up to 19 wide beams and more than 200 narrow spot beams. 

How do I make a call with my Inmarsat satellite phone? 

Extend the antenna into its full position and point it straight up at the sky. Press the power button on the phone and wait for registration to complete. 

How do I call a landline or mobile number using an Inmarsat satellite phone? 

Press the 0 key until the + appears or dial “00”. Dial the country code, area code and phone number. 

•Example: + (country code) (area code/city code) (phone number) 

•Example: + 1 416 253 6008 

How do I call another Inmarsat satellite phone? 

From your Inmarsat IsatPhone, dial “00” or press and hold the 0 key until the + appears followed by the 870 Inmarsat phone number. 

Do Inmarsat satellite phones support text messaging? 

Yes, it is easy to send a text message and incoming text messages are free. Visit our send a free SMS web page. 

How do I receive calls on my Inmarsat satellite phone? 

The Inmarsat IsatPhone phone antenna needs to be fully extended with an unobstructed view of the sky in order to receive a call.  

How do I send an e-mail to an Inmarsat satellite phone? 

Send your e-mail to (where 870xxxxxxxxx is the IsatPhone mobile number) 

How do I check my balance? 

You can check the balance of your IsatPhone prepaid SIM card by simply dialling 591, free of charge.  To display your balance on-screen dial *106# 

If I have a pre-paid Inmarsat satellite contract, how can I top-up my balance? 

Easy! Just visit AST’s top-up portal and top-up as and when you need to. 

How can I test my Inmarsat satellite phone? 

Inmarsat post-paid and pre-paid customers can place a free call to +870-776-999-999 to test their phone. An automated message will play stating that the call was successful. If an error message is played or if the call does not connect at all, please contact AST Global Customer Support. 


Please visit our Inmarsat page to find out more about the network, coverage areas and products available.

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