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AST OPTIMA package

The all-inclusive 12 or 36-month fixed fee Iridium Certus® package for maritime


Iridium Certus® Cashback Promotion

Promotional credit for swap out of Iridium or selected hardware



For energy companies, the insight derived from data collected from Internet-connected devices can be used to enhance productivity and efficiency, improve real-time decision making, solve critical problems, and create new and innovative experiences. AST deliver integrated hardware and software solutions to give the client better management of assets and operations, greater reliability and security.

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Smart Grids

As the consumption for electricity continues to grow, the need for smarter energy solutions has increased and Smart Grids are being introduced across the globe. For Smart Grid Infrastructure to operate at peak productivity solutions capable of integrating equipment reliably in real-time is essential.

AST has developed IRIS, its award-winning, cost-efficient remote monitoring and control application delivering a complete end-to-end solution to ensure operational efficiency.


Our M2M solutions and products provide remote monitoring and surveillance options that enable lower operational costs. Our M2M solutions and products provide real-time data transfer and sharing, facilitating immediate decision making.

Tailored to your requirements and utilising satellite and terrestrial networks our solutions and products give you a complete, truly reliable, unique, built to last package.

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