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AST OPTIMA package

The all-inclusive 12 or 36-month fixed fee Iridium Certus® package for maritime


Switch and Save Iridium Certus® promotion

Switch to Iridium Certus® 700 – the fastest L-band service


Scientific research vessel communications

Low payload and high throughput satellite communication options to support multidisciplinary science at sea. GMDSS, primary and secondary service and solutions for ship operations.

Our experienced technical team can advise the best solution for you, providing VSAT, Iridium Certus and GMDSS services for fishing, commercial, cruise and research vessels operating in the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions.

 Fast, reliable data transfer           

 GMDSS solutions

 Unlimited data via VSAT

 Crew welfare and safety

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Oceanwide Expeditions chooses AST and Iridium Certus® for Pole-to-Pole communications


TESACOM | Iridium Certus® for Antarctic scientific project


MediaMobil | Iridium Certus® for Arctic scientific expedition 


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