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40% Off Anker Ka-band

Enjoy summer with 40% off Anker Ka-band with AST


AST OPTIMA package

The all-inclusive 12 or 36-month fixed fee Iridium Certus® package for maritime


Iridium Certus® Cashback Promotion

Promotional credit for swap out of Iridium or selected hardware


Oil & Gas Rigs

Networking remote offshore jack-up oil rigs can be fast and affordable with satellite communications services from AST. Specialising in bringing telecommunications systems to hard-to-reach locations, AST delivers a variety of global satellite communications systems for technologies (radio, VSAT, data management) for asset management, reporting and monitoring operations oil and gas rig operations.

AST’s global integrated satellite communications solutions are designed to support mission-critical systems, as well as a complete relay of information and data connectivity. AST focus on offering companies a solution.

Operational Efficiency

Oil and gas companies need custom communications solutions that meet the highest levels of network reliability and security for day-to-day business communications, asset management and operations. AST tailor-make solutions that can monitor and automate machinery, reduce operational costs and make operations more efficient. AST makes solutions scale to fit as operations expand in scope and duration.

Security and Safety

We understand the critical importance of having equipment that can withstand extreme temperatures, dust, noise and toxic exposure, to ensure that all personnel can operate in a safe environment. Our extensive range of products includes ATEX Radios which are built to withstand explosive atmospheres and other hazardous environments.

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Resilient and secure data communication solution enables remote monitoring of subsea systems


VSAT with BGAN backup delivers resilient telemetry system for major Australian Energy Provider


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