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Humanitarian Aid

With over 25 years experience in the humanitarian aid and trade sector, AST are experts in providing all requirements to enable the efficient running of remote, moveable sites from initial rapid deployment of communications to remote welfare solutions and on-going maintenance of all communications.

Disaster relief and support

Response to disasters to provide humanitarian aid requires a rapid response to arrange the many support services required such as co-ordinating personnel, building an infrastructure, arranging medical services, shelters and provisions. With infrastructure damaged satellite communications are vital in the success of coordinating these life-critical situations.

Operations and welfare

Co-ordinating operational activities and ensuring information is shared with other agencies is essential. Another key function for organisations is to provide communications, phone and internet access, to assist in the welfare of staff, families and businesses. 


Educational facilities are delivered to remote schools and educational facilities via portable satellite solutions, enabling services such as live tutoring, scheduled broadcasts and e-learning portals as well as access to the internet.  

We work with organisations of all sizes around the world, such as The Halo Trust, Rescue Global, Planet Water, Wings Like Eagles and support larger, more well known agencies globally.

Download our Humanitarition Aid & Trade Capability Statement.

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