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The workboat sector covers a wide variety of vessels from tugs to harbour launchers to larger Multicats and the fast crew transfer vessels.  These vessels usually operate with a small crew who carry out a wide range of duties for a range of contractors, on port construction, infrastructure projects and supporting the offshore energy industries, constructing and operating offshore wind farms. Clearly, the need for effective comms and satellite broadband in these unique environments is paramount.

As the demand for workboat vessels increase, new technology is developed to optimise vessel performance. AST has developed its own range of VSAT satellite communications solutions and monitoring technologies to ensure that our clients receive the most out of their assets.

New Technology

Remote vessel monitoring technologies have advanced and improved over the years with added functionality such as engine and sensor monitoring telemetry via VSAT satellite broadband communications.  

iRAMS is a ground-breaking, proven, vessel engine and asset management suite of solutions from AST. iRAMS makes use of the above technologies to transfer operational parameters from vessels/assets anywhere in the world, to your office, in near real-time.

iRAMS Vessels on-board hardware connects to the vessels most expensive component (the engines) and transmits the data in near real-time to a simple shoreside user web interface. This interface then allows shore-based operations staff clear visibility of the not just the vessels location but also its engine data.


iRAMS Vessels provides the ability to feed vessel information data automatically into preventative maintenance schedules. The engine management system provides all this functionality and more.

Installation on board your vessel of a tried and tested system that proactively monitors different aspects of your vessel is a simple and non-intrusive process. iRAMS Vessels integrates seamlessly with our own Planned Maintenance System (PMS).

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iRAMS telemetry enables remote monitoring of fast pilot vessel performance


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PMS – Planned Maintenance System implementation


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