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Commercial Fishing

The global commercial fishing industry is continuously growing, providing vast amounts of food to many countries around the world. Those who operate in the industry must often pursue fish far out to sea under adverse weather conditions. As supply and demand continue to increase, more and more vessel owners are using satellite communications to stay connected and safe on their voyages.


The AST Group supply a wide range of satellite communications equipment, airtime and solutions for the marine and maritime fishing industry.  With pole-to-pole coverage from the Iridium Certus service, vessel owners can increase the speed of finding fish and reporting a catch, improve safety by accessing important weather information and communicate privately between other vessels in their fleet, ensuring that they are able to continually stay ahead of the competition.


AST has worked alongside DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) fitting satellite GPS based tracking solutions to UK vessels over 15 feet in support of the UK Governments Environmentally Responsible Fishing pilot project.


One-way Governments have improved sustainability is the introduction of fisheries. AST offers a complete marine and maritime satellite communications solution and fishery project management service which includes an extensive range of vessel monitoring solutions that can be tailored for traditional inshore fleets through to commercial fishing vessels. Using cellularsatellite or a combination of both carriers, we enable continual monitoring and reporting for fisheries across the globe.


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