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Commercial Shipping

The international shipping industry is responsible for the delivery of about 90% of world trade. As a major contributor to the world’s economy the industry continues to expand and adapt to ensure consumers across the world are benefiting from affordable food and goods.  Now more than ever shipping companies are relying on satellite communications to track, monitor and connect their high value assets.

Vessel Operations 
AST provides vessels with a reliable and secure connection through a range of marine satellite communications solutions from simple voice and data, to corporate VSAT bandwidth connectivity solutions anywhere in the world, guaranteeing the client (ship owners/ managers) receives continuous connectivity and a high-quality performance.

Crew Welfare 
The open ocean provides a tough work environment and for the crew onboard being able to stay connected to their loved ones is an important factor to their wellbeing.

AST can provide data, internet, crew calling, telephone, video and satellite television improving routine operations that are essential for both business and management, as well as increasing crew morale and entertainment.

The introduction of new technologies is causing existing business models to change and having access to real time data is becoming increasingly vital.  

AST has developed the INTEGRA suite of solutions and services to enable greater connectivity and control over satellite and GSM networks. With in-house development teams AST can provide custom integration and API development to meet individual requirements. 

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