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40% Off Anker Ka-band

Enjoy summer with 40% off Anker Ka-band with AST


AST OPTIMA package

The all-inclusive 12 or 36-month fixed fee Iridium Certus® package for maritime


Iridium Certus® Cashback Promotion

Promotional credit for swap out of Iridium or selected hardware


Personal Use

Backpacking, hiking, skiing, camping, and sailing are just a few of the ways we can experience the outdoors by getting away from it all. Though this is where some of the truest beauty lies, it’s very often disconnected to the rest of the world. What makes it so alluring can also be dangerous if communication lines are unavailable or unreliable.

AST can meet all of your communication requirements and are leaders in the industry, providing effective satellite communications systems and solutions to individuals across the globe.

Portable satellite phones and wi-fi hotspots are available to rent or purchase and allow us to venture into uncharted territory while still being able to contact help in the event of an emergency, or just to stay in touch with home.

Beyond that, family and friends know they can still contact you when needed.  It is reassuring to know someone is just a phone call away if/when the need arises.
Satellite phones allow both inbound and outbound calls and text messaging. 

Some devices, such as the Iridium Go! and Thuraya SatSleeve+ have the ability to link to your normal smartphone and therefore provide data.  Additionally, a portable satellite phone can be used for GPS tracking as well as sending SOS messages for emergency situations.

Larger projects - static and portable satellite solutions

We also work on much larger projects, for personal use, where we provide complex networks linking radios, mobile phones and satellite networks together to provide integrated remote satellite communications system solutions.

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