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Iridium Pilot: Marine Satellite Broadband



Iridium Pilot has been designed to provide the best quality product at the best possible value.  Operating on the Iridium OpenPort service, it maintains all the benefits of its predecessor but with additional features and functionality.
Iridium Pilot has a Performance Enhancement Proxy (PEP) to provide  enhanced protocol for improved data throughput  as well as an integrated firewall to help restrict outbound data traffic to keep usage under control.

Iridium Pilot has a built-in firmware notification system, which will alert users when a new version of firmware becomes available.  The antenna performance utility provides real-time antenna usage metrics to assist in troubleshooting performance issues.

The Iridium Pilot ADE design has been tested to withstand harsh marine environments, including:-

  • Salt spray
  • Water jet
  • Temperature extremes


  • Fully global operation
  • Durable
  • Solid-state design, no moving parts
  • Reliable
  • Maintains connectivity in rough seas
  • Broadband (bidirectional data speeds up to 134Kbps)
  • Three independent voice lines

Iridium Pilot comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty (terms and conditions apply, associated accessories not included).

In the box

  • Quick start guide
  • CD-ROM
  • Above Deck Equipment (ADE)
  • Aluminium ADE pole bracket mount
  • Below Deck Equipment (BDE)
  • Mounting parts, BDE
  • Power supply, BDE with bracket
  • Ground cable 2.5m, BDE
  • Ground cable kit 3m, ADE
  • Iridium Pilot maritime terminal
  • BDE marine box
  • ADE and BDE marine installation manual
  • ADE and BDE marine user guide
  • Captain's handset
  • Crew handset
  • BPCE0801 cord, Europe power supply
  • 20m or 50m antenna cable


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Product: Iridium Pilot: Marine Satellite Broadband


Antenna Dimensions: 23cm x Ø57cm
Antenna Weight: 11kg
Below Deck Unit Dimensions: 20cm x 25cm x 5.5cm
Below Deck Unit Weight: 1.35kg
Operating Temperature: Antenna: -30°C to +70°C | BDU: -0°C to +50°C
IP Rating: IP66
External Antenna: yes
Mounting: Pole mount
Input Voltage: 11 - 32V DC
Standard IP: Up to 134 kbps
Data: yes
Call features
Voice: yes
Product Interfaces
POTS / RJ-11

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