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HORNET65: Flyaway Terminal: Ka-Band GX Solution



The HORNET65 is a compact-sized mobile Global Xpress Certified solution supplied with the Outdoor Paradigm Interface Module (PIM). Combining both optimal performance and functionality, the PIM65 is enabled to provide access to the most advanced IP satellite services.

The HORNET65 terminal is lightweight, rugged and quick to deploy and stow. The design is simple and robust for fast operation in demanding environments. The dual-offset antenna provides maximum efficiency and optimum radiation characteristics for improved data throughput and availability. It employs a 4-piece segmented, carbon fibre reflector that deploys quickly and accurately without the need for tools.

The integrated Ka-Band transceiver houses a BUC, PLL LNB and all associated waveguide components in a sealed compact unit which requires no cooling fans. Pointing the antenna is a very simple operation using the Outdoor PIM’s integrated pointing aid or the web interface pointing page, both of which provide visual and audio feedback. The Outdoor PIM is pre-tuned to the Inmarsat Global Signalling Channel which prevents accidental pointing to adjacent satellites and includes a One Touch Commissioning function.

The tripod is manufactured from aluminium with adjustable legs which provide a low profile and a wide operational footprint. The interface to the antenna is by way of a quick-release catch.

The terminal, Outdoor PIM, tripod and all cabling are supplied in a custom-built pelicase.

HORNET65 is part of AST's VSAT solution.


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Product: HORNET65: Flyaway Terminal: Ka-Band GX Solution


Antenna Weight: 20.3kg (incl. pelicase)
Below Deck Unit Dimensions: 30cm x 7.5cm x 25cm
Below Deck Unit Weight: 20.3kg (incl. pelicase)
Operating Temperature: -25°C to +55°C
Operating Humidity: 0 - 95%
IP Rating: IP65
Reflector Size: Ø65cm
Input Voltage: 90 to 264V AC
VSAT - Antenna
System G/T: 17.0 dB/K @ 20.2GHz, 30°El, clear skies
VSAT - Modem
PIM Dimensions: 30cm x 7.5cm x 25cm
Modem Console: RJ45 (RS232 Serial)
PIM Management: RJ45 (Ethernet IP)
Network: 3 x RJ45 (Ethernet IP)
Data: yes
SMS: no
Email: yes
Broadband: yes
GPS: no
Tracking: no
Call features
Voice: no