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Key facts

  • remote asset control via satellite and GSM
  • start-stop technology on unmanned wind farm
  • avoid deploying expensive vessels & engineers
  • reduce operating costs


Manor deploy iRAMS satellite remote genset start-stop technology on unmanned wind farm for the first time to reduce operating costs.

iRAMS is a ground breaking remote fixed and mobile asset monitoring system that combines telematics, remote diagnostics and anomaly alerts combined with remote asset control via satellite and GSM.

A leading company in Renewables, Manor Renewable Energy provide innovative engineering solutions for example the new “Generator Temporary Power Pods” specifically designed for the renewables sector.

Manor Renewables recently installed an additional 36 iRAMS monitoring systems onto their new range of Generator Temporary Power Pods on the Greater Gabbard Wind Farm.

Following an alert from iRAMS a Manor genset had an unplanned stoppage.

iRAMS diagnostic reports identified the fault and agreeing with their client a new safety protocol, Manor deployed for the first time the iRAMS remote start-stop technology.

The Manor Genset was restarted over satellite and confirmed operating correctly, all remotely using iRAMS on an unmanned wind turbine.

This functionality ensured Manor was able to maintain their service levels to their client and avoid deploying an expensive vessel and an engineer to visit the Wind Farm.

In addition alerts from iRAMS on the Pods fuel levels was used for optimising vessel refueling schedules ensuring all generators had sufficient fuel even during bad weather.

This combined with the iRAMS anomaly and fuel level alerts with the benefits of the visual fuel levels overview displaying the physical location on a MAP with wind farm overlays will greatly help with logistics planning and reducing costs for vessel refuelling schedules.

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