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A total of four Explorer 710 BGAN units have been issued to geographically remote Local Authorities.

AST Systems has been awarded the contract for supplying and installing satellite systems in the Scottish Islands by The Scottish Government Resilience. A total of four EXPLORER 710 BGAN units have been issued to geographically remote Local Authorities. Three of which will be installed in Shetland, Orkney and Western Isles respectively, the fourth BGAN will be used as a portable device in Argyll and Bute Local Authority area in western Scotland, tracked by IRIS.

The satellite broadband system provided will be used by the Local Authority as a way to communicate in the event that the terrestrial infrastructure goes down. This is a vital means of resilient communication in times of disaster or emergency.  

The EXPLORER 710 is the ideal satellite broadband terminal, allowing users to connect their own devices to the terminal for both voice calling and internet connection, boasting the highest BGAN speeds available.

IRIS is an award winning, cost-efficient remote monitoring and control application that provides users with real-time visibility of their remote assets. The Scottish Authorities will be using IRIS to track their BGAN, to ensure safety and security, when it is out in the field. IRIS can also enable users to remotely upgrade firmware, start/stop data sessions and retrieve network information, amongst many other features on many different devices. IRIS improves operational efficiency with real-time intelligence on remote assets to quickly identify issues, improve decision making and speeds up response. IRIS is the only Inmarsat BGAN M2M API and Iridium certified and approved application on the market today.  It is truly market leading.

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