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The AST Group (AST), a leading global provider of satellite communications services and solutions, is proud to announce that IRIS, AST's global remote monitoring and control application, has won the 'Top IoT/M2M Mobility Satcom Innovation' award from the Mobile Satellite Users Association's (MSUA).

IRIS provides real-time visibility and control of assets in remote locations - anywhere on the planet. It enables the collection of business critical asset data, e.g. location, temp, speed, flow, pressure, altitude, battery life, etc, allowing users to quickly identify issues, aid decision-making and improve response times. Although the primary function of IRIS is to monitor and control assets connected via satellite it also supports GSM/fixed network devices and significantly lowers operational costs and increases efficiency by reducing the requirement for physical site visits to locations that are often hard to reach.

IRIS is white labelled, can be hosted in the customer’s own network environment, has no third party access and with the protection of AES 256 encryption, enables complete control over sensitive, critical or valuable data.

MSUA President Catherine Melquist commented: “MSUA is pleased to honor The AST Group as we believe the scalability of the IRIS solution will contribute to further development of the satellite M2M/IOT market.”

Gregory Darling, Managing Director of AST, said: “We are proud to have won this award, which highlights AST’s capacity to develop the most innovative products and solutions within this key growth area of satellite M2M, and will improve our customer’s operations.  AST has been working with the MSUA for many years and this award coincides with the 25 year anniversary celebrations for both the AST Group and the MSUA.”

IRIS supports a diverse range of IoT and M2M applications, from asset tracking, pipeline management and environmental monitoring to smart grids, autonomous surface vehicles and agritech. IRIS can be customised to meet individual requirements for customer-specific solutions.

IRIS is an Inmarsat certified solution and is fully integrated with the Inmarsat M2M API.

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