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Key facts

  • Remote sensing and engine diagnostic system
  • Designed specifically for the maritime market
  • Track a single vessel, or entire fleet
  • Extensive and detailed reporting


iRAMS (intelligent remote asset management system) is a new remote sensing and engine diagnostic system designed specifically for the maritime market. Developed by AST Marine Sciences Ltd (MSL), iRAMS can monitor and track a single vessel, or an entire fleet, remotely monitoring the engines, generators, vibration and impacts, alongside spatial location data.

With an extremely extensive and detailed reporting portal, it is designed to reduce costs by providing users with key information, including engine hours, fuel consumption and engine faults.

Coastal Services, an established department of Gardline Environmental Ltd, is one of the offshore renewables industry’s leading suppliers of support vessels for wind turbine and offshore installation management operations. Coastal Services has recently installed iRAMS in two of their windfarm transfer vessels to assist with customer reporting and to monitor the engines.

There have been several instances where iRAMS has delivered valuable information and engine alerts to Coastal Services.

Concerns were raised when their 20 metre windfarm support vessel, Smeaton Array, began to burn a higher amount of fuel than usual. By reviewing the near-live engine data iRAMS provides, the onshore engineering department could see a lower boost pressure on the port engine, indicating either a boost leak or turbo fault.
There was no fault alarm on the vessel; therefore the crew were unaware of the issue. After a subsequent physical investigation it was discovered that the inducer wheel tips on the turbo had broken up.

David Coull, Coastal Services Engineering Supervisor, described iRAMS as ’invaluable in this instance’ as without, the turbo could have failed completely resulting in an expensive engine repair or replacement.

iRAMS can also be used to run reports over user definable time periods on individual parameters.

Data capture from the vessel can be customised in-line with customer requirements and budget restrictions.

Coastal Services are regularly asked by clients for information to support the services they’re receiving. For example, one client requested the working hours of a vessel and staff were able to produce a report through iRAMS to confirm when the vessel left and returned to the harbour.

In another instance, a client asked Coastal Services to monitor vessel speeds and track it on its journey to and from the wind farm as it had been suggested that the vessels were completing the return journey in a quicker time. Coastal Services were able to retrieve the data produced by iRAMS over a 14 day period, enabling them to respond to the clients requests immediately.

David Coull commented; ‘The iRAMS system gives us better vessel management by giving the office a near live connection to the vessels activities and engine performance. It also provides us with the capability to produce critical reports for clients, such as fuel burn, vessel usage, speed/load and many other required KPI’s.’

Coastal Services has now instructed MSL to install iRAMS on their whole fleet of wind farm transfer vessels.

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