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Key facts

  • Fast connectivity
  • Easy to deploy terminal
  • Economic solution
  • In-vehicle satellite data and voice communications


Vehicular BGAN EXPLORER 325 connects remote mining construction project teams

Client requirements
  • Mobile telecommunications system specially designed for vehicles which could provide essential data and voice communications for their project operations in remote locations.
  • Abigroup has a diverse portfolio of projects primarily focus on engineering, building, water, rail and energy.
  • Ongoing mobile telecommunications system for remote project sites which could be deployed very quickly.
  • Multiple remote projects requiring a system which provides vehicle satellite voice and data communications when on the move.
  • Provide their project teams with a Wi-Fi hotspot, whilst the vehicle was stationary with the engine turned off, to enable connection into the Abigroup network system to communicate business-critical communication.
  • Projects located in remote geography where there is either unreliable or no form of present telecommunications available.
  • Required a robust reliable system to easily reach harsh, remote and rugged (often off-road) project locations.
  • A system which could provide both telecommunications on-the-move and when stationary.
  • To have an economic and affordable satellite communications solution.

“Overall the BGAN EXPLORER was a great fit with its small size, weight, affordability and ease of connectivity. Furthermore, the BGAN EXPLORER 325 has provided a mobile hotspot to connect our remote mining construction teams for multiple projects which they are contracted to do throughout Western Australia” said Lucas Mercieca, Abigroup IT Manager - WA.

AST Australia Solutions - In 2012 AST Australia provided Abigroup with BGAN EXPLORER 325 to provide in-vehicle satellite data and voice communications (when on the move), combined with providing their project teams with a Wi-Fi hotspot for business-critical communications (whilst the vehicle was stationary and the engine switched off).

Abigroup’s vehicle used the BGAN EXPLORER 325 to communicate on-the-move. This supports greater workforce productivity and provides the ability to get the job done no matter how remote their project, ensuring they were never out of touch. Furthermore, this work can be done whether travelling at high speed or stationary.

In summary, the BGAN EXPLORER 325 provides customers with:
  • Fast connectivity with data speeds of up to 384kbps over standard IP and up to 128kbps streaming. Business operations such as Abigroup demand a fast connection with the confidence that it won’t be interrupted when travelling within harsh environments. This allows connectivity in places previously unavailable and has opened new applications for on-the-move communications.
  • Easy to deploy terminal is as simple as placing the antenna on the roof of the vehicle, connect it and your PC to the terminal and you have a mobile communication hub. All this without having the cost and time of sending technicians and engineers out to remote sites.
  • Compact format, 35cm in diameter, 12cm high and weighing just 3.6kg, the BGAN EXPLORER 325 is the smallest vehicular BGAN antenna on the market.
  • Data usage management AST Australia provided an economic solution by managing the data from the BGAN, ensuring no ‘bill shock’ and unnecessary access.

Richard Coston, Managing Director of AST Australia commented “The EXPLORER 325 is an ideal solution for remote mobile teams requiring reliable, easily deployable voice and data satellite communications. I am pleased we were able to help Abigroup with a great solution to meet their communication requirements out in the harsh, remote Australian outback”.

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