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Leading solutions that ensure the safety, security and connectivity to your workforce even if they operate in the world’s most remote places.

A group of 4 people climbing up to the peak of a mountain
In many industries, from energy, mining, utilities to humanitarian individuals are often required to work solo in some of the most remote regions of our planet.

Operating in these remote locations for long time periods may leave your employees and workforce feeling isolated from family, friends and even from current affairs and news. The need to connect to the internet to not only undertake operational duties but also to connect with home.

Applied Satellite Technology’s connectivity services enhance the welfare of employees, putting lone worker safety top of your agenda – AST provides dependable solutions that enables global connectivity for remote workers anywhere in the world. From terrestrial radios, GSM handsets to complete end-to-end connectivity solutions, AST has the safety of your people covered if disaster strikes, and when communication is critical.

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Connectivity for all, everywhere.

Applied Satellite Technology provides connectivity services that enable lone workers operating in remote locations to communicate 24/7 with colleagues, assets or operations from anywhere in the world.

The satellite communication services can enable businesses and industries to rely on secure connectivity that provides a critical lifeline, communication channel and particularly crucial for employee welfare ensuring workers are able to communicate and connect with colleagues, family and friends whilst operating in remote locations.

VSAT connects any remote location no matter the terrain such as this Antarctic base using satellite communications services

Seamless coverage, anywhere in the world

Our VSAT solution guarantees reliable bandwidth and resilient access to applications such as internet, voice services, entertainment services, and video surveillance with ‘always on’ redundant communication.

Regardless of location, terrain or industry VSAT connectivity and our extensive coverage will mean connectivity is available for you and your teams whenever and wherever you need it.

L-Band satellite communications services can connect remote workers over the world including those in the Australian outback

Empower your team with global connectivity via L-band airtime services, AST ensure a secure reliable connection over satellite is available everywhere in the world – from the remote Australian outback, the depths of the African desert to the highest peaks of mountainous regions.

Polar snow cat vehicle connected by AST's satellite communication solutions.
OneWeb for land

By working together, AST and OneWeb will provide fast, flexible, next-generation connectivity solutions. With global coverage, users will be able to access seamless connectivity in even the most remote locations on land and at sea.

OneWeb’s unparalleled end-to-end system that will supply broadband-style data speeds to every part of the world – the network is in its final phase of deployment to meet this truly global IT challenge.

Client using a PTT handset while lone-working in a remote area
Radio and Push-to-talk (PTT)

PTT can be fully integrated into a range of communication systems and our innovative satellite communication solutions incorporate wi-fi, radio and IP to enable simple remote and global connectivity.

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Video Calls & Conferencing

Digitalisation and decarbonisation are driving change in the communication world – with the world adapting to reduce reliance on carbon heavy activities.

Enhanced remote connectivity is proving a great tool to reduce travel, improve operation uptime as well as employee welfare.

In regions where terrestrial connectivity is accessible, communication and operational activities are simple – AST’s solutions enable always available communication channels anywhere in the world.

Putting your business in control of costs, activities and enabling you to support remotely, reducing personnel travel that not only impacts the environment but also the welfare of teams from being away from family and friends for extended periods of time in isolated areas of our world.

A collection of large, white, land based satellites in Mexico.
Video teleconferencing over satellite

DigiGone™ Sat-Chat takes satellite communications services to the next evolutionary step. It allows clients to communicate around the world, through fully encrypted means.

Sat-Chat services provide our clients with secure video teleconferencing, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), IM Chat, and file transfer capabilities, even from the most remote locations while using Inmarsat BGAN. Sat-Chat’s plug & play feature provides you instant encrypted communication with other team members around the world, at the touch of a button. Easy to use and extremely affordable.

Widely used across different secors

DigiGone has years of proven reliability and service in a variety of environments, all over the world including sectors such as:
  • Federal and State Agencies

  • Emergency Response Teams

  • Intelligence and Special Operation Communities

  • Satellite Communication Service Providers

  • Department of Defence Contractors

  • International Energy Trading Corporations

  • Oil/Gas/Mining Corporations

  • Financial Investment Companies

  • Commercial Fisherman

  • Global Reconstruction Groups

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