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Enhancing the effectiveness of maritime assets.

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Telematics, Remote Sensor Management and Asset Control

With critical information being presented to you and your teams in near real time, anywhere in the world, our IOT Asset Management solutions help you optimise your maritime operations to new levels.

By developing our own dedicated IoT software to facilitate asset tracking and management and partnering with leading network providers, we can help our global customers to connect supply chains, improve productivity, enhance crew safety and drive significant cost savings.

Critical information is key to keep your crews safe and costs low. With this vital live data we can assist you with those high-pressure decisions, ensuring you can fine-tune your vessels' operations in an instant. It can also allow allow you to stay ahead of issues and challenges you face as a seafaring business with insights. Using this knowledge you can put solutions in place before they become costly or catastrophic.

Our suite of IoT based solutions can be utilised for a wide range of telematic challenges. From vessel management and solar-powered lighting skids to generators and outboard motors, nothing is too small or great.

Vessel Management Features

  • Increased visibility of your fleet from anywhere with a connection to the internet

  • Near real time positional information

  • Viewing of operational engine information

  • Improved and automated maintenance scheduling

  • Reporting on operational information (temp alerts, throttle position)

  • Proven return on investment in reduced fuel usage

  • Single and dual diagnostic reports

  • Vessel and engine data is visible via the portal by using a map overlay

  • Proven return on investment in reduced fuel usage

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Genset Management

Offshore diesel-powered portable or static power generator sets (gensets) are expensive to maintain.

Our Power equipment monitoring solution (previously known as iRAMS Genset Management) helps to alleviate these costs with innovative technologies. Take control of your assets through satellite communications services with high reliability.

Thanks to remote control, fault monitoring and intelligence alerts, you can manage your genset assets far more efficiently than before. Click here to download the PDF to learn more.

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I/O Solutions

Our I/O Solutions is a flexible, expandable and efficient IoT remote asset tracking and monitoring solution that collects, stores and reports on data from remote locations.

Reduce unneccesary risks and costs by using our software solution to manage your asset, negating the need to send out crews. The solution is accessed via a secure portal that displays information including the assets location, data, reports, status and alerts.

Planned Maintenance System

Reducing operational expenses is one of the key aims for many maritime businesses and vessel owners. Our Planned Maintenance System (PMS) consists of intelligently designed organisational software that does just that.

Our Planned Maintenance System is populated by information automatically produced by the Vessel Management telemetry system making it easier for you to view data.

The software enables users to easily plan, monitor, record and implement complex maintenance tasks, including compliance reporting and innovative predictive maintenance monitoring.

Photo of an outboard motor for a boat to illustried how telematics planned maintenance system can help maritime
Simplifying daily asset management tasks

Through our Planned Maintenance System, the ship's crew and shore-based support teams can manage daily checks, stock levels and routine procedures at the click of a button. With in-depth progress management, users can record tasks as well as attach supporting files and documents such as images.

From medical supplies to the main engine, every piece of equipment on board can be listed together along with any associated work procedures.

Engineer on a ship bridge looking up documented for a planned maintenance system
Traffic light system to alert users

The Planned Maintenance System home page uses a simple traffic light system to highlight any equipment that requires attention, and indicates dates when tasks are due. Any update made on the ship’s system is automatically available to view in the shorebased office application, ready for the relevant manager.

Because the contributes significantly towards improving maintenance on the vessel(s), it vastly increases efficiency by avoiding downtime and preventing parts malfunction.

Planned Maintenance System Features and benefits
  • Analysis of maintenance history and reporting

  • Stock / spare part management

  • Planned, scheduled, predictive and condition-based maintenance

  • Saves time, money and helps to prevent inefficiencies

  • Compatible for DNV approval certification

  • Easy to operate and can be used on vessel, and from shore

  • Compatible with IRAMS for vessel data collection automation

  • Defect reporting and management

  • Plan vessel dry dock visits/refits

  • Cross fleet job standardisation

  • All ships equipment listed with associated work procedures

  • Class surveys and certificate management

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