M2M Terminal Management

Providing global connectivity to deployed assets supporting M2M functionality.

Aerial photograph of mining site with assets managed by M2M terminal management

M2M Terminal Management

We have created a cloud-based asset management system with the primary objective of performance optimisation. AST can help your organisation in the land sector with effective asset management solutions that also cut costs.

Our simple-to-use software solutions are designed for your teams to easily use them. Now you can control and monitor assets from anywhere in the world, as well as anticipate issues before they become serious to the safety of your staff.

IRIS Terminal Management

With critical information being presented to you and your teams in near real time, anywhere in the world, our telemetry systems help you optimise your land assets to new levels.

IRIS is our data and asset management M2M platform that allows users to seamlessly connect to remote sensors and manage assets using Land BGAN M2M terminals.

IRIS can be used to support applications such as pipeline management, environmental monitoring, SmartGrid, compressor and valve control, well site automation and many more.

It can connect using satellite technology, to provide command and control functionality where no other networks can, anywhere in the world.

Through its web based user interface, the IRIS platform can be accessed via most internet browsers, including smart phones and tablets.

Hydroelectric Reservoir in Peru
Global connectivity

IRIS provides global connectivity to deployed assets supporting M2M functionality.

IRIS has an industry standard, feature rich API to allow quick and seamless integration to existing solutions and applications.

IRIS can display positional information on mapping platforms including, Google and Bing maps. Its two way messaging functionality gives IRIS users the ability to communicate with deployed assets no matter where they are in the world.

Electric Pylons with glowing wires spanning overhead
Features of IRIS


IRIS gives you real-time visibility of all your assets in remote locations, wherever they are in the world - from ships, vehicles, cargo and people to wildlife and hot air balloons.


IRIS enables real-time remote control of your satellite M2M terminals for all key tasks including: firmware upgrade, start/stop data session, retrieve network information and reset password.


IRIS improves your operational efficiency with real-time intelligence on remote assets to quickly identify issues, improve descision making and speed up your response.

Two remote white Land Rovers driving over the dunes in the desert spraying dust
Reduce Expenditure

The cost of remotely controlling your M2M devices using IRIS is significantly reduced compared to other solutions.

IRIS improves decision-making and operational efficiency, with full reporting available at the touch of a button.

  • Save time when safety is critical
  • Reduce cost of managing devices and need for site visits
  • Streamline processes
  • Improve decision making
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