Land Bespoke Solutions

Land-based businesses, such as NGO's and mining organisations, can come across complex challenges. AST helps you overcome these through custom satellite communications solutions.

Landscape of a mining facility
AST are positioned to help land-based businesses overcome complex challenges which are preventing them from growth.

As well as maritime satellite solution specialists, we have helped many land-based businesses from the military to research sectors. Through combinations of innovative technologies such as Wi-Fi, radio, IP and mobile networks, we can tailor a solution to meet your exact needs.

Two 4x4 offroad vehicles driving through the desert with a satellite communications device on the roof
Land-based custom satellite solution experts

From land to sea, or a mixture of both, we can assist you with a custom solution that addresses the challenges your business faces.

Our teams can work closely with your personnel to find out the pain points to a problem. Through collaboration, with the expertise you have of your business and our knowledge of reliant, resilient communications, we can quickly and efficiently move your business forward.

We can either tailor one of our existing packages or design something entirely new option. No matter what it takes, we'll solve your problem, even in an emergency.

Electric Pylons with glowing wires spanning overhead
Years of experience providing satellite communications

With over 30 years' experience in the satellite communications services sector, we've tried and tested pretty much any solution you can think of. The result is a bespoke solutions service where we can guarantee quality and efficiency.

Working with key network providers, manufacturers and our partners - your bespoke solution will stand the test of time.

We have delivered some of the most innovative satellite communications networks of their kind to support such diverse range of needs from a falconry hunting team in the Middle East to fully resilient comms links to support vital control and backup systems in the utility industry.

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