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The all-inclusive 36-month fixed fee Iridium Certus® package for land and maritime


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Safety of personnel is critical to any exploration project, our global satellite communications and solutions enable personnel to keep in touch with base camps and provide cost-efficient methods of data transfer.


During the exploration phase of mining robust communications and high data transfer rates are paramount.  Mobility and the ability to link disparate systems such as radio and satellite can be a cost-effective solution to keeping in touch across large remote areas.


Many environmental exploration projects require not only fast data transfer but also methods to track, monitor and exchange data with remote assets, which are often deployed across multiple countries and continents beyond the range of terrestrial connections.  

One of our customers, Met Office Marine Systems have over 100 Iridium SBD modems across their permanent observation stations, as well as on merchant and scientific research vessels operating from the Arctic to the Antarctic. These vessels require uninterrupted global coverage which can be provided via satellite communication systems.

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