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ASE Bagdock Kit IRIDIUM 9575



The ASE Bag Dock is a first responder bag that works with both the Iridium 9575 and 9575 Push-to-Talk (PTT) phones (Handsets). The ASE Bag Dock is specifically and purpose-built for rapid deployment for first responder teams for natural and man-made disasters. The Bag Dock is perfect for use in emergency responder communication systems, or for remote or solo field workers.

Features and benefits:

  • Complete on-the-go iridium push-to-talk (PTT) kit
  • Natural use with palm/speaker mic.
  • Magnetic mount dual mode (Iridium/GPS) antenna
  • Easy temporary integration into vehicle-or field camp
  • Built-in rechargeable battery-
  • Canvas bag provides easy storage and transportation
  • Unobtrusive packaging with multiple compartments
  • Allows for personal customization of accessories
  • Base station comms for field teams
  • Docking station with extended battery
  • Easily deployed mag mount antenna


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Product: ASE Bagdock Kit IRIDIUM 9575


Dimensions: 33 X 15 X 11.5CM
Weight: 1.6KG
External Antenna: yes
Input Voltage: 6VDC
Talk Time: 3.5 Hours
Stand By Time: 30 Hours
Battery Type: Lithium Iron
Data: no
SMS: yes
Email: no
Broadband: no
Call features
Voice: yes
Integral Phonebook: yes
Call Forwarding: yes
Call Waiting: yes
Handsfree: yes