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Iridium AD512 Passive Antenna



Provides superior performance for external mounting in harsh or marine environments. The radome is 4 mm GRP and the base is milled from aluminium and hard anodised giving an attractive green finish, which is mechanically resilient and resistant to corrosion.

The antenna incorporates a low-loss interdigital filter to reject interference at frequencies neighbouring the Iridium band.

The bracket (AD512-2) provided with each antenna can be attached to a mast or spar up to 60mm in diameter using the V-bolts provided. For packing purposes, the V-bolts may be bolted through the front face of the bracket and should be detached and reversed for mounting. Connection to the Iridium handset is made with an appropriate coaxial cable from an N-type connector on the underside of the antenna.

Please speak to your Account Manager regarding your coaxial cable requirements.

Mounting Bracket:

  • Heavy duty marine alloy
  • Vertical or horizontal pole mount
  • Pole mount up to 60 mm
  • Supplied complete with stainless
  • U-bolts and nuts

In the box

  • Antenna mounting kit
  • Iridium AD-512: Passive Filtered Antenna


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Product: Iridium AD512 Passive Antenna


Dimensions: 15cm x Ø10.5cm
Weight: 1.7kg
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Mounting: Vertical or horizontal pole mount