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40% Off Anker Ka-band

Enjoy summer with 40% off Anker Ka-band with AST


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Enjoy summer with 40% off Anker Ka-band with AST

Introducing a new 40% Off Anker Ka-band packages offer from AST, with a 5-year term for complete peace of mind.

Anker’s Ka-band provides great bandwidth with reliable regional coverage, and a favourable angle over the main European shipping lanes. This included regional satellite coverage over the North Sea, Red Sea, Baltic Sea, North Atlantic, Persian Gulf, and the Mediterranean Sea.

You can also take full advantage of Anker’s high-powered spot beams from their THOR 7 satellite, which provides unprecedented high-power performance for critical maritime applications and communications.

Applicable for all sectors and any vessel type

This outstanding summer offer of 40% off is available for both 60 cm and 1 m antenna packages, with a minimum service profile of 2/0.5 Mbps 1:10, all the way up to a maximum services profile of 8/2 Mbps 1:5. Plus, all intermediate profiles are available with either 1:10 or 1:5 contention rates.

Speak to one of our expert Account Managers today to claim this unmissable offer. Just remember, all services ordered under the terms of this offer must be commissioned by the 31st January 2023.

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