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Applied Satellite Technology (AST) is proud to have supplied Dan Box, who travelled to Carterets Islands, off the coast of Papua New Guinea with a BGAN EXPLORER 300.

Dan led a Royal Geographical Society expedition to the Carteret Islands, documented the world’s first official evacuation of an entire community as a direct result of climate change using the BGAN EXPLORER 300  loaned to him by AST.

Dan travelled to the islands in April 09 to witness the first wave of the evacuation and to make a BBC Radio 4 documentary on the subject and the impacts of climate change. The documentary formed part Costing the Earth series. Another BBC Radio 4 documentary, The Journey of a Lifetime aired in 2009.

Dan commented, “In the end, communication really made the trip.   Being able to tell people back home - and around the world - what was going on made the whole thing worthwhile.”

“The BGAN EXPLORER 300  took everything I could throw at it and kept going. Being able to sit on a remote island, with no electricity surrounded by people who had never seen a computer before, still writing home and telling people what I was doing, was incredible.”

“The blog was a real success and was read by tens of thousands of people around the world. Being able to write a daily account of life from the islands also meant that school groups followed what was going on and turned the daily blog postings into lessons that were taught in the classroom. I do believe that for these kids I was able to turn climate change from a vague and gloomy subject into something very real and very alive. The lasting effect this will have would have been impossible with the BGAN EXPLORER 300.”

Dan’s blog provoked international media attention, leading to an article in the Guardian newspaper, a weekly blog for The Ecologist, interviews with the Australian Broadcasting Company, as well as many other articles.  Dan has also been invited to speak at a number of seminars following his return.

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